Fear of open debate about COVID vaccines likely led to public hesitancy, ex-CDC director says

Article originally appeared on www.foxnews.com.

Former Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield said Monday there was an attempt within the health care bureaucracy to stifle talk that coronavirus vaccinations may not have been a cure-all.

Redfield made the comments on “The Story” following a court ruling the Biden administration violated the First Amendment in trying to pressure social media companies to suppress countervailing COVID-19 content.

The suit, brought by the states of Missouri and Louisiana, alleged the Biden administration threatened social media companies with antitrust lawsuits or legal changes that either protect their liability or silence dissenting voices.

Redfield said he was not a firsthand witness to concerns over negative public discussion about vaccinations causing Americans to eschew the injection, but knew of individuals who were.

Discourse to that effect was very often the subject of the purported censorship that critics have highlighted since the pandemic first erupted.

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