WATCH: Trudeau Chief Public Health Officer urges Canadians to ‘get your mask ready’ amid new Covid scare

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On Tuesday, Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam told Canadians that as the warm summer months give way to fall and winter, they should prepare themselves for a return to masking.

Tam made her remarks alongside other masked federal health officials during a press conference to discuss the recent approval of new Moderna Covid-19 vaccines.

“You’re all masking, which is lovely to see,” a CTV reporter said. “Most government ministers are not now, most MPs are not, most people on the street are not masking; is there any specific guidance on that going forward at this point?”

“We hope people have developed the habit to be able to use masks as needed during the respiratory virus season,” Tam replied, adding that they should be seen as protection against influenza and RSV as well.”

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