House moves swiftly to launch Biden impeachment probe

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The House will move quickly to open its impeachment inquiry into corruption allegations against President Biden, lawmakers said Wednesday, announcing two crucial hearings this month and plans to seize Biden family financial records in their quest to determine whether Mr. Biden engaged in influence peddling when he was vice president.

A day after Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the House impeachment investigation, House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer said his committee, which is leading the inquiry, will hold a September hearing that lays out evidence showing Mr. Biden engaged in an unlawful scheme to enrich his family.

“We plan on having a hearing in September that will kind of evaluate some of the things that we believe have happened from the Biden family that are in violation of our laws,” the Kentucky Republican said.

Mr. Comer said the oversight panel will pursue bank records from Biden family members. The committee will seek access to bank accounts controlled by Mr. Biden’s son Hunter Biden and his brother James Biden. Both men were deeply involved in leveraging then-Vice President Biden’s influence and power to secure business deals.

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