Trumpism 2.0: How realistic is Donald Trump’s 2024 platform?

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Donald Trump’s 2016 flagship policy was famously “Build the Wall.” The early rounds of the 2024 campaign have been dominated by Trump’s stranglehold over the competition, as well as his multiple court cases. Underneath the bluster and chaos, the former president has rolled out a significant number of new policy proposals that have gone without scrutiny, until now. This Washington Examiner series, Trumpism 2.0, will take a closer look at this policy, if it’s realistic, and if it’ll help Trump secure a second term.

Donald Trump has a lot of ideas for 2024.

While he’s much better known for his personality and bombast, the former president has released a slew of policy proposals for a second term, some basic GOP orthodoxy and others far from the mainstream of conservative thought. But how many of them are realistic?

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