Secret Chinese Lab in California Prompts Action from House GOP Panels

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Recent shocking revelations about a secret Chinese lab operating illegally in California and experimenting with COVID-19 and other deadly pathogens have prompted action from two Republican-led House committees, perhaps marking the beginning of a more robust congressional effort to uncover the extent of Beijing’s reach into the United States.

According to an Associated Press report published last month, last December, Jesalyn Harper, a code enforcement officer in the small central California town of Reedley, was responding to a complaint about vehicles parked in the loading dock of a warehouse when she noticed an unusual sight – a garden hose sticking out of one of the side walls.

Harper knocked on the door and was greeted by a woman in a lab coat, who explained that she was from China and that the owner of the warehouse still lived in China. Walking through the building, Harper reportedly saw “dozens of refrigerators and ultralow-temperature freezers hooked to illegal wiring; vials of blood and jars of urine in shelves and plastic containers; and about 1,000 white lab mice being kept in crowded, soiled containers.”

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