Project Veritas ceases operations, lays off all remaining journalists

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Seven months after James O’Keefe announced he’d been ousted from Project Veritas, the company he founded in 2010 has imploded. Former Veritas employee and investigative reporter Bobby Harr announced that Project Veritas has suspended all operations effective immediately, which The Post Millennial later confirmed.

“BREAKING: Project Veritas suspends all operations effective immediately,” Harr wrote on Wednesday. “CEO @HannahMGiles and Jen Kiyak of Human Resources cite financial ruin as reason for additional layoffs on 9/20/23 leaving merely a handful of employees left. All investigations halted as of today.”A source close to the matter told The Post Millennial that the journalists who were left on staff after the August 17 mass firing were terminated on Wednesday. The journalists who had remained were essentially relegated to fundraising, as the company was floundering.

“SOS Hannah Giles just fired us all,” read a swiftly deleted tweet on August 17. Giles, who became notorious for starring in the ACORN video with founder and former CEO James O’Keefe that launched the company, took over for O’Keefe after he was summarily pushed out by the board of directors. She took over as CEO only to destroy the company entirely.

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