BREAKING: Biden’s weaponization of DOJ IGNORED during chaotic second GOP primary debate

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The seven Republican candidates who stood on stage at the Reagan Library during the GOP debate Wednesday took aim at Biden’s border crisis, fired insults at each other, argued over curtains, and were asked to vote one of themselves “off the island,” but what they did not do was speak out against the weaponization of the Department of Justice and the leveling of unrelenting lawfare at their leading candidate for the GOP nomination, President Trump.

Trump didn’t appear on stage with the runners-up to the coming nomination, but spent spent time in Michigan talking to auto workers amid the UAW strike and laying out his plans to revitalize the industry and American manufacturing. He said that Biden is intent on the “assassination” of American industry.

The Biden White House has repeatedly claimed that the Department of Justice is independent, and does not take it’s marching orders from Biden or his staff, yet repeatedly there have been revelations from whistleblowers in the IRS, documents from the FBI that the DOJ has been preferential toward Biden and his family, and malicious toward Trump. The moderators, who seemed particularly entranced with their ability to cut off debate instead of encourage it, didn’t even ask the question.

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