Democrats sour on Bidenomics as it fails to move the needle for voters

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Democratic allies are encouraging President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign to reevaluate and ditch the “Bidenomics” tagline as it fails to improve voter attitudes on the economy.

Multiple Democratic politicians supporting Biden’s bid in 2024 have expressed concerns over the branding, according to Politico.

This past summer, the White House and Biden’s campaign rolled out “Bidenomics,” a catchphrase to refer to a swath of economic policies and goals. It was hoped that the slogan would help boost the president toward reelection in 2024.

People are beginning to feel better about the state of the economy, according to recent polling. However, the same surveys indicate that voters still don’t approve of Biden’s managing of the economy, refusing to give him credit for economic improvement.

Neither the Biden campaign nor the White House provided comments to the Washington Examiner.

One top Democratic congressional aide confirmed rumblings of skepticism about the president’s economic message to the Washington Examiner, noting they ramped up after Bidenomics was announced and the White House began promoting it.

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