Countdown to chaos: The new date to know after Congress narrowly avoided disaster

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Congress just narrowly avoided a government shutdown on Saturday night, mere hours before a midnight deadline, which only delayed the possibility of a shutdown by 45 days.

Congress must now reach a funding agreement by Nov. 16, which gives the legislative branch approximately six weeks to pass its annual appropriations bill to renew funding for the next fiscal year.

The continuing resolution includes a $16 billion supplemental request for disaster relief and funds the government at fiscal 2023 levels but excludes aid for Ukraine.

The new agreement is expected to expire just before many federal workers prepare for the holidays. The date comes just eight days before Thanksgiving, and a little more than a month before Christmas.

What is affected by government shutdowns:

Government shutdowns can have unexpected effects on the country, including closing down National Parks, or the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. The Smithsonian museums would also be affected but would remain open as long as possible through alternative funds. It also affects those who work for government offices, such as the State, Justice, Agriculture, and Labor departments.

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