Trudeau’s internet censorship plan kicks off with government-operated streaming registry

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Friday’s announcement from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) that online streaming services in Canada must register with the government agency has sent a chill throughout independent media.

Critics say it is the beginning of a broad registry of all online news media, even if the CRTC is currently maintaining that a $10 million threshold exists for broadcasters before they must register.

Previous CRTC vice-chairman and former editor of the Calgary Herald posted Monday on X: “Essentially and eventually, @crtceng intends to regulate everything on the Internet pretty much the way it regulates TV, radio and cable. Say g’bye to a free and open internet in Canada.”

Noted journalist Glenn Greenwald posted on X: “The Canadian government, armed with one of the world’s most repressive online censorship schemes, announces that all “online streaming services that offer podcasts” must formally register with the government to permit regulatory controls.”

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