Reporter details rise of ‘white supremacy’ in US by highlighting antisemitic rhetoric from fired black high school teacher

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Recently, a California Bay Area high school teacher was fired following an extensive investigation into his alleged anti-Semitic lectures, which were said to include performing Nazi salutes in class.

Shortly after those incidents took place, a leftist reporter by the name Emily Schrader took the opportunity to blame the occurrence on ‘anti-Semitic white supremacy’ in an article titled, “Under attack: White supremacists lead antisemitic charge in U.S.”

Nowhere in Schrader’s article does she mention that the fired teacher she references, Henry Bens, is black.

Schrader contacted The Post Millenial to say that she did not write the article’s headline and has requested for it to be changed.

“The article’s examples are mostly not white supremacy but radical left with ethnic studies curriculum and DEI initiatives that actively exclude Jews,” she explained.

The second paragraph of Schrader’s story notably states, “American Jews are now at a crossroads as far-right antisemitism is also on the rise from white supremacist groups in the United States.”

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