Bidenomics was a mistake

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From the outset, the name Bidenomics lashed the president’s name to economic mismanagement. It was used at first by President Joe Biden’s critics to distinguish his particular brand of fiscal and monetary boneheadedness. But when the president (and no one else) was convinced by White House spin that the economy was in great shape, he wore Bidenomics as a badge of achievement. It was folly.

His policies pointed the economy into a ditch from the start. Borrowing trillions of dollars to goose a boom already underway before he came to office sprayed gasoline onto a red-hot post-pandemic engine, and inflation burst into flames.

Now that this inflation is wreaking havoc on the economy, particularly for lower-income voters, both the name and the underlying policies of Bidenomics are proving to be political mistakes. According to the latest Gallup poll, a record-high percentage of voters trust Republicans, not Democrats, to manage the economy.

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