REVEALED: Murdered leftist activist Ryan Carson has history of celebrating death, violence towards conservatives

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The Antifa activist who was stabbed to death in Brooklyn on Monday, 32-year-old Ryan Carson , has a history of celebrating death and violence.

Carson, who was a prominent far-left activist and poet in New York City, was remembered by friends and Democrat lawmakers for his acts of “kindness,” but unearthed posts on social media reveal that Carson celebrated the death of conservatives, advocated for violence against police, violently threatened elected officials, and dedicated his life to abolishing law enforcement.

Carson threatened an elected official in a post on X under the username @ArtSchoolJock and wrote: “Hi! Political organizer here! It’s not bullying to hold elected officials accountable. That being said, I would love to shove this little f-cking nerd in the locker where he belongs.”

While responding to an article written by the New York Post that announced the death of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who died after a battle with cancer, Carson quoted the post on X and wrote “lmao hell yeah.”

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