Israel war: Hamas brutality comes into full focus in kibbutzim days after attack

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Israeli authorities are only beginning to understand and uncover the extent of the gruesome scenes in areas that were overrun by militants this weekend in the unprecedented multipronged terrorist attacks.

Hamas began its terror campaign early Saturday morning with a barrage of rocket fire to overwhelm Israel’s primary short-range air defense system known as the Iron Dome, while hundreds of militants got through the border between Gaza and Israel. The current Israeli death toll is above 900, though that will likely continue to increase. Many of the terrorists attacked nearby kibbutzim, the plurality of a kibbutz, which is a small socialist community within Israel where its members live together, pool their resources, and ensure everyone has what they need.

The kibbutzim on the border live with bomb shelters in their homes and in their neighborhoods due to the frequent rocket and mortar fires from Gaza and only have seconds to reach them when the air sirens sound. But this weekend, they faced a new threat: the terrorists coming into their communities and attacking.

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