Cory Mills rescues 32 Americans from Israel amid Hamas terrorist attacks

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Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) traveled to Israel overnight, rescuing 32 Americans stranded in the nation.

Mills, a combat veteran, told the Floridian Press that “helping and showing solidarity with our Israeli brethren and helping Americans evacuate” is something he felt compelled to do after the nation was attacked by Hamas terrorists.

Mills said that despite rescuing 32 Americans, there are still “hundreds trapped” in the nation.

“I support Israel’s right to defend itself, its citizens, and eliminate the terrorists threatening the stability of the region,” Mills told The Post Millennial in an exclusive statement. “It’s clear to me that this is the work of Iranian-backed Hamas, aimed at disrupting talks with Saudi Arabia and the expansion of the Trump-era Abraham Accords.”

“Biden’s decision to release $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that took place following the Iran Nuclear Agreement under the Obama/Biden administration. This pattern is clear: each time funds are released to Iran, the largest state sponsor of terrorism, proxy militias in the region persistently launch attacks, aiming to destabilize and target Western allies and Americans.”

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