Israel Says 199 Hostages Taken in Hamas Terror Attack Identified

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The Israeli government says it has identified and notified the families of 199 people known to be held since the terrorist attack ten days ago.

The number of hostages held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza has been revised upwards from at least 150 as stated last week to 199 today, the Israeli government has said, reports The Times of Israel.

Israel Defence Force (IDF) spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said the families of the 199 hostages has been “updated” and that trying to get those taken back is a “top national priority”.

RAdm Hagari further said major efforts were underway to locate the hostages inside Gaza and while intelligence was forthcoming, he Israel would not “carry out an attack that would endanger our people”.

It is known many of those taken by Hamas on Saturday’s massive terrorist attack were international visitors to Israel, and considerable numbers of tourists are thought to have been killed, or are still missing. Whether all of the 199 described are Israeli citizens was not stated.

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