Israel war: Sixty-three Democrats demand Biden take stronger stance against Iran

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Over 60 House Democrats joined Republicans to call on President Joe Biden to take a stronger stance against Iran as the war between Israel and Hamas continues.

“Iran must be held fully accountable for its continued role in funding Hamas and Islamic terror,” the bipartisan letter reads. “We urge the Administration to take all necessary steps to cut off Iranian funding sources.”

“All necessary steps” suggested included the “maximum enforcement” of U.S. sanctions and the end of Iran’s oil trade with China. The bipartisan group also encouraged Biden to work with European allies to renew ballistic missile sanctions when the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action expires this month, as well as put pressure on Qatar and Turkey, who supported Hamas.

The letter had the backing of 63 Democrats and 50 Republicans, with the lawmakers saying they support using “every tool available to defeat radical terror.”

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