University of Pennsylvania grapples with donor crisis after ‘Palestine Writes’ event causes uproar

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A prominent University of Pennsylvania donor sent his alma mater a $1 check with an annual pledge for the same amount as long as UPenn President Liz Magill remains at the school, joining a handful of other mega-donors who continue to withhold donations over the school’s response to the Israel-Hamas conflict and accusations of excusing antisemitism.

He’s just one of several major donors that’s calling for changes at the top as the elite university grapples with the fallout of a recent on-campus event. It’s gotten to the point that alumni president Michael Barrett penned a letter to his fellow Quakers reaffirming support for Magill, defending the school’s handling of the situation and criticizing the “misinformation” and heavy scrutiny the school has faced this month.

On Sunday, Magill released a statement saying the school didn’t move fast enough to address criticism of the “Palestine Writes” event and strongly condemned the Hamas “terrorist assault” on Israel; her initial statement to the school didn’t refer to Hamas a terrorist group, although it called its attack “abhorrent” and “horrific.”

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