Veteran NYPD officer charged in drug distribution conspiracy after she allegedly dealt fentanyl while on duty

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On Thursday, 32-year-old veteran NYPD Officer Grace Rose Baez was arrested along with 42-year-old Casar Martinez and charged with conspiracy to distribute narcotics and the distribution of narcotics after they allegedly tried to sell large quantities of drugs to a federal informant between Oct. 9 and 29.

According to authorities, Baez brought what she said was “top quality” fentanyl in a Mentos container to give the informant in an attempt to get them to buy large quantities of other drugs.

She said she could sell them a kilogram of heroin for $25,000 and 800 grams of fentanyl during multiple meetings with the informant. Baez was arrested after she gave a criminal informant what appeared to be one kilogram of 400 grams of heroin and 640 grams of fentanyl labeled as “650 Manzana.”

Police then searched the couple’s apartment and found a package of what they believed to be more narcotics being thrown out, as well as a press machine and more narcotics inside.

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