Coca-Cola quietly deletes mentions of BLM from company website

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Coca-Cola has been a financial sponsor of Black Lives Matter for years, however, references to its support of the organization appeared to have vanished from its website in light of recent posts shared by the group siding with Hamas.

BLM Chicago and an organizer from Los Angeles are among those associated with the purported civil rights group to have publicly voiced support for the Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist group following its latest wave of violence.

On Friday, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) revealed that he had caught the beverage giant “red-handed,” posting two screenshots of its website, one of which included references to BLM, and an updated version that does not.

Coca-Cola had originally stated on its website that Sprite, which it owns, had donated $500,000 to the Black Lives Matter Global Network to “support the group’s voting education efforts and their February 2021 Black Future Month program.”

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