Arrested Alaskan Air pilot who stopped engines was far-leftist tripping on shrooms

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It has been revealed that the off-duty pilot who allegedly caused a San Francisco-bound Horizon Air flight to divert to Portland by attempting to turn off the engines mid-flight told police he was high on magic mushrooms at the time.

Joseph Emerson, 44, admitted to having consumed the psychedelic drug prior to boarding the plane, and said he thought he was dreaming when he nearly downed the plane.

It was also revealed that Emerson was a leftist that tweeted against Donald Trump and in favor of union issues for pilots.

According to a criminal complaint filed with the US District Court in Oregon obtained by KOMO News , Emerson told an officer that it was his first time taking psilocybin, and that he hadn’t slept in 40 hours.

“I thought I was dreaming and I just wanna wake up,” he said when asked why he had decided to try and activate the plane’s fire suppression system, which would have blocked fuel from entering the engines.

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