7 Times Israel Coverage Proved You Don’t Hate The Media Enough

Article originally appeared on thefederalist.com.

American legacy media were busted last week for spreading terrorist propaganda about an “Israeli” “strike” on a Gaza “hospital” that turned out to be nothing but lies — but not before the false narrative ignited anti-America and anti-Israel fury around the world.

The narrative laundering in what was actually a story about a parking lot being hit by Gazan insurgents’ own rocket fire provided a textbook example of how our institutional media frame stories to fit their own prejudices, showing once again that however much you hate the corporate press, it’s not enough. But the hospital news cycle hasn’t been the only example from media coverage of the aftermath of Hamas’ terror attack on Israel to drive that lesson home.

Starting with — but extending far beyond — the hospital story disaster, here are seven failures from the past few weeks that should dispel any benefit of the doubt you have left for the corporate media’s honesty.

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