The kids are not all right

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Images from college campuses nationwide in the wake of Hamas‘s massacre of Israeli civilians are disturbing. Marchers chanting, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The slogan “Divest from Zionist genocide now” illuminated on a college library. Counter protesters physically beating Jewish students who publicly support Israel.

If only these could be cast aside as the actions of an extremist minority. But they’re not. According to the lastest Harvard-Harris poll , not only do 41% of those aged 18-24 think Hamas should be considered “militants” not “terrorists” but 51% of the same age group believes “the Hamas killing of 1200 Israeli civilians on Israel can be justified by the grievances of Palestinians.”

In other words, a majority of Generation Z believes the raping, murdering, beheading, and kidnapping of Jewish civilians by Hamas is just fine. Only 24% of the rest of America agrees.

Generation Z’s unique moral confusion extends far beyond the Israel and Palestine conflict. Two in every five Zoomers believe government should have the power to prevent people from making offensive statements. Just 27% of Gen Xers agree. Almost half of Zoomers say it is acceptable to suppress the speech of those who disagree with them about race.

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