Blue city’s ‘Methadone Mile’ to be dismantled after progressive mayor makes order

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A new rule enacted by Boston’s Democrat mayor will go into effect on Nov. 1, giving police authority to dismantle a homeless tent city in a neighborhood in Boston that has been used to shield drug use and other crimes.

The corner of Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts Avenue in the south part of Boston known as “Methadone Mile” has for years been occupied by tents and tarp covers and tragically dwelled by people struggling with substance addiction.

The area has been riddled with crime, prompting mayor Michelle Wu to begin the process of dissolving the tent encampment, a process which will start on Nov. 1.

A report in the Boston Herald said that residents of the tent city have been notified of the new rule in several languages. Any newcomers to the camp will be met by a coordinated team of social workers and law enforcement who will inform them that no new tents will be allowed.

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