Biden under pressure with black voters in key state: ‘He would have a big problem’

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President Joe Biden’s reelection could depend on a key demographic in Milwaukee, a pivotal city in 2020 but one that holds several swing districts.

Black voters in Wisconsin’s largest city emerged as a crucial voting bloc in the previous election between Biden and former President Donald Trump. Now some of them are questioning their commitment to the president.

“There is no way to win a statewide election that doesn’t run through the black community,” Black Leaders Organizing for Communities Executive Director Angela Lang told organizers, according to CNN. “Understanding the dynamics that Wisconsin is an incredible battleground state and is a swing state. What happens in Milwaukee can impact the rest of the state, which ultimately can impact the rest of the country.”

According to exit surveys, Biden received 92% of the black vote in the 2020 presidential election. While black voters remained overwhelmingly loyal to the Democratic Party, that support could fade in 2024.

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