How the Left Created a Generation of Pro-Hamas Sympathizers

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Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel has forced a reckoning in America’s elite institutions. America’s campuses have been revealed as dens of not just antisemitic beliefs (which can culminate in violence, as witnessed recently at Cornell) but generally anti-human attitudes.

The idea that the normal rules of human morality—such as that one should not just avoid killing non-combatants, but especially babies, can be set aside if the victims represent a concept as abstract as a “settler colonial project” —is not even Marxism of the Leninist variety, but the nihilism of Pol Pot. Coming from American students, who also view the United States itself as an illegitimate colonizer nation constructed on the backs of Native Americans and African slaves, this idea is self-negating as well. It expresses not a hatred of an “other” such as Jews, but rather a hatred of themselves, which explains why even many youth of Jewish descent can be infected with the virus.

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