Do Republicans finally know what time it is?

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It is clear by now to all with common sense that teaching children to view the world through the oppressed vs. oppressor paradigm, and to disdain America and its allies, has been a colossal mistake. The sight of students defending Hamas’s slaughter of Jewish civilians in Israel, the public ravishing of women, and the burning of babies has taken care of that.

It is in that light that we must understand last Friday’s vote in the House of Representatives to leave the Smithsonian Latino Museum defunded. Schools and universities are not the only places where adults with ulterior motives immerse students in the moral and emotional fog that gives them license to support the murderers and gang rapists of Hamas. Museums are a locus of “decolonization,” too.

One of the key targets of this alleged monitoring and censorship campaign, according to a comprehensive report summary from the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, both chaired by Rep. Jim Jordan, is Human Events host and Senior Editor Jack Posobiec.

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