Three takeaways from a rough 2023 election for the GOP

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The 2023 election proved to be a bruising night for Republicans, as Democrats scored major victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and Kentucky.

With the presidency, along with control of the Senate and House of Representatives on the ballot for voters across the country in less than 12 months, here are the takeaways from the off-year election teeing up what is expected to be a pivotal 2024 election.

Bad news for Youngkin

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) hopes of having a GOP trifecta in Richmond were dashed on Tuesday, when Democrats held onto the state Senate and regained control of the House of Delegates. The battle to take control of both chambers was an uphill battle for Republicans, but two years after Youngkin’s upset victory against former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe the GOP was hoping to flip the state back fully to Republicans.

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