BREAKING: Douglass Mackey speaks out on prison sentence for meme disparaging Hillary Clinton, details dawn FBI raid 7 days after Biden inauguration

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Douglass Mackey was arrested, tried and convicted over a meme. He’s been sentenced to 7 months in prison for sharing a joke on Twitter about Hillary Clinton, and her voters, leading up to the 2016 election.

While his alleged crime was in 2016, he wasn’t arrested until 7 days after Joe Biden was innaugurated in 2021. The FBI came to his home at 7:30 in the morning, dragged him out of his home in handcuffs, and didn’t even tell him what he was being arrested for until he was arranged at the courthouse. He told all this to Tucker Carlson.

To Hillary Clinton, who celebrated Mackey’s arrest, Mackey’s joke went “from what you would consider free speech… to running a very deliberate effort to mislead people about where and how to vote. So it went from speech to action meant to subvert the election, because thousands of people who they targeted through their algorithms, ‘oh I could text my vote for Hillary Clinton.”

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