BREAKING: Pro-Palestinian protesters clash with police as they try to storm DNC headquarters in DC

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Leftist protesters stormed the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC on Wednesday night demanding that Democrats in the White House, House and Senate call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Many of those storming the building wore shirts reading “Cease Fire Now.”

Agitators shot footage of the altercations that ensued between protesters and police. Police tried to push the mob back off of the building, and at least one person fell down a set of brick stairs.

The protesters swarmed around the building and officers attempted to contain them.

A woman wearing one of the t-shirts calling for a cease fire said “We’re outside the DNC, we’re outside the Democratic Party headquarters, because this party claims to be on the side of life and peace and equality and we’re saying we want them to live up to their values and oppose this horrific war and call for a cease fire now.” She complained about the police attempting to prevent the protesters from gaining access to the building.

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