Railroaded Derek Chauvin’s foes will stop at nothing to punish ex-cop as he’s nearly killed in prison

Article originally appeared on nypost.com.

I guess it’s no surprise that Derek Chauvin has been stabbed almost to death in prison.

The Minneapolis cop convicted of murdering George Floyd in 2020 has been thoroughly scrubbed of his personhood, let alone his rights.

Nobody bothered to tell his family or his lawyer that another inmate had attacked him Saturday.

Despite being the most notorious ex-cop in America, he wasn’t protected from violent prisoners.

The fact he was even in the ill-run federal prison in Tucson, Ariz., 1,638 miles from his family, speaks volumes.

He could hardly be further from home.

Chauvin is more reviled than all the pedophile rapists and sadistic serial killers in the land because someone was needed to embody the myth of systemic police racism that fueled the Democrats’ 2020 campaign and created a frightening atmosphere of chaos and lawlessness that helped dislodge Donald Trump from the White House.

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