BREAKING: Henry Kissinger is dead at 100

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Henry Kissinger, the final surviving member of ex-President Richard Nixon’s Cabinet, passed away at the age of 100 on Wednesday.

“Dr. Henry Kissinger, a respected American scholar and statesman, died today at his home in Connecticut,” Kissinger Associates said in a statement released late Wednesday.

Serving as both national security adviser and secretary of state simultaneously, Kissinger, a key figure in Nixon’s Cabinet, played a vital role in shaping lasting alterations to 20th-century US foreign policy. His approach emphasized realism and the reduction of tensions among major global powers. He also served under Gerald Ford.

He garnered both praise and criticism, and his complex legacy continues to have an impact on relations with China, Russia, and the Middle East.

Kissinger and Le Duc Tho, the leader of North Vietnam, jointly received a Nobel Peace Prize for their negotiations that concluded US participation in the Vietnam War.

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