Biden says he’s ‘not sure he’d be running’ in 2024 if Trump wasn’t

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President Joe Biden spoke at a campaign fund-raiser in Weston, Mass. on Tuesday, and said that he’s not sure he’d be running for president if Trump wasn’t.

“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running,” he said. “But we cannot let him win.” He also claimed that Trump is a “destroyer of American democracy.”

“I don’t think anyone doubts our democracy is even more at risk [than in] 2020,” Biden said. “This time, we’re running against the election-denier-in-chief. Biden is down in polling against Trump. In swing states, Trump is up across the board. Biden has been plagued by a tanking economy, a major border crisis, wars in Ukraine and Israel, and deteriorating approval ratings. Many voters have said that the economy is a big issue for them as grocery prices have increased and home buying continues to be out of reach for so many Americans.

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