‘Diversity hire’ Harvard president Claudine Gay plagiarized PhD dissertation: report

Article originally appeared on thepostmillennial.com.

It has been revealed by Christopher Rufo and Chris Brunet that Harvard University president Claudine Gay plagiarized sections of her PhD dissertation. These revelations come after Gay defended antisemitism on campus after having condemned so-called misgendering and failure to use preferred pronouns.

Rufo and Brunet reported unequivocally that Gay’s dissertation in defense of her doctoral degree “Taking Charge: Black Electoral Success and the Redefinition of American Policies,” published in 1997, “contains at least three problematic patterns of usage and citation.” They found that her dissertation lifted “an entire paragraph nearly verbatim” from a previous paper from authors Lawrence Bobo and Franklin Gilliam called “Race, Sociopolitical Participation, and Black Empowerment.”

“Shocker,” Elon Musk replied to Rufo.

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