RUMBLE UNDER ATTACK: CEO confirms ‘unprecedented’ attack on free speech platform’s servers, suspects political motive

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On Monday, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski revealed that the free speech platform had been the victim of an “unprecedented” attack.

He suggested that it was being carried out by those who seek to censor Rumble’s creators and could be related to the platform’s willingness to host certain videos, such as footage of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“I was planning to go live, but Rumble and Locals are down,” lawyer and commentator Viva Frei said in a post on X Monday afternoon. “Apparently it is a massive, unprecedented attack. One that is likely politically motivated. If I have any updates, I will let everyone know. Godspeed Rumble!”Pavlovski confirmed Frei’s suspicions, noting that the attack had been “happening since this weekend.”

“I also suspect it is political,” he added, “coming from activists and/or organizations who want to censor our creators, and related to J6 videos being posted on Rumble.”

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