MUST WATCH: Steven Crowder visits black barbershop in inspiring viral video revealing Americans are not as divided as media claims

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On Wednesday, Steven Crowder released his latest video, in which he and his crew sit down and have real conversations with ordinary Americans in a space that has long been a mainstay of the African-American community, the barbershop.

While getting his beard trimmed, Crowder spoke with the barbers about a number of issues facing every citizen, black and white, and proved that Americans have way more in common than the media would like them to believe.

Crowder opened the piece, titled Black & White on Gray Issues, by slamming legacy media for attempting to sow division along racial lines via overemphasis on isolated incidents that show animosity between white and black Americans.

He pointed out that the mainstream portrayal of race relations in the country “doesn’t match up at all” with his “lived experiences,” and urged the media to move away from the extremes and focus more on what brings people together.

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