Greg Abbott Throws Down the Gauntlet, Signs Bill Letting Police Arrest Illegal Immigrants

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Protecting the United States borders isn’t just a matter of policy, it’s a matter of safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and ensuring the safety of its citizens. If President Joe Biden doesn’t understand that bedrock fact, it’s up to the states to take charge — and Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott is leading the way.

According to the Texas Tribune, an online outlet based in Austin, Abbott on Monday signed three bills aimed at stepping up the Lone Star State’s fight against the border crisis in the face of the federal government’s refusal to enforce the law.

The most controversial is Senate Bill 4, which takes effect in early March, and essentially makes it a state crime to enter Texas from Mexico at any point that isn’t a lawful port of entry into the United States. Not only that, it allows local law enforcement to arrest undocumented immigrants and authorizes state magistrate judges to deliver …

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