8 Conservative House Candidates Who Must Win Their Primaries › American Greatness

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The 2024 election cycle will be about many things, from the Biden regime’s overt authoritarianism to retribution against political and legal persecution. President Trump’s comeback candidacy will be a perfect representation of these broader existential issues at the core of the campaign.

But the down-ballot races should be about something just as important as defeating our enemies on the Left. Just as in 2022, the races for Congress should be about an ideological purging of the Republican Party. As the already razor-thin majority in the House of Representatives has proven, a “majority” doesn’t mean much if we are still at the mercy of establishment moderates, RINOs, and outright NeverTrumpers.

Whether or not the GOP will hold the House remains completely up in the air, independent of President Trump’s performance. But if we are to have a hope of even beginning to finally accomplish his America First agenda, we need to make sure that the right candidates win where …

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