Barbie Fraud, Meth Monkeys: Rand Paul’s Annual ‘Festivus Report’ Shows $900 Billion In Government Waste

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Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Friday released this year’s “Festivus Report,” the senator’s annual tally of government waste that highlights glaring and often humorous examples.

This year, the report counted $900 billion in wasted taxpayer dollars.

“As Congress spends to reward its favored industries and pet projects, the American taxpayers are forced to pay the price through record high inflation and crippling interest rates,” the report said. “The same big spenders teamed up, yet again, to continue sending Americans’ hard-earned money to foreign countries and funding endless wars, all while ignoring our porous southern border.”

The name of the Festivus Report refers to the parody holiday invented by George Coztanza’s father Frank in “Seinfeld,” a “Festivus for the rest of us,” which includes the “airing of grievances.”

One of the most eye-popping examples of waste cited by the report involved Barbie …

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