Biden’s plan to burn down your Christmas tree

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Enjoy your Christmas tree this year because thanks to a new regulation President Joe Biden is pushing on the Forest Service, next year’s tree may go up in smoke.

The acreage of forest consumed by wildfires has increased eightfold in the last 30 years, and climate change isn’t to blame. Starting in the 1990s, environmental activists became increasingly successful at shutting down logging in our nation’s forests. As a direct result, the board feet of timber harvested from national forests fell from an average of 10 billion a year between 1960 and 1990 to just 2 billion by 2000.


That means 8 billion board feet of wildfire fuel were being added to our nation’s forests every year. The environmentalists thought this was great. “Pristine” forests were being saved from the evil capitalist chainsaw.

But the overgrown forests the environmentalists had created were not natural at all. By refusing …

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