‘I Had To Think About My Babies’: Texas Mother Shoots Trespassing Teen To Protect Four Daughters At Home

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

A Texas mother of four shot a 14-year-old intruder to protect her four daughters Dec. 14, Fox 4 reported.

Aleah Wallace recounted the incident with the alleged teen intruder, Devin Baker, in an interview with Fox 4. Wallace allegedly shot Baker for trying to break into their home and now faces eviction and a grand jury investigation, according to the outlet.

Wallace’s ordeal began with a series of break-ins at her rental duplex, leading her to acquire a firearm for protection, Fox 4 reported. The previous burglaries occurred when the house was empty, but the situation escalated when an intruder attempted to enter her home while she and her daughters were present. “I was cleaning my living room … and I heard my window start going back up,” Wallace recalled. “I just shot.” (RELATED: Kids Break Into Million Dollar Mansion And Throw Huge Rager)

Baker, who was allegedly …

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