Katie Hobbs Was For Open Borders Before She Was Against Them › American Greatness

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With the U.S.-Mexico border completely overrun by illegal aliens, Chinese nationals, and potential Iranian terrorists, Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs (D) desperately wants voters to believe she’s cracking down on the crisis.

“I’m taking action to fix the migrant crisis where the federal government will not,” Hobbs blasted on X/Twitter, mobilizing the National Guard to assist law enforcement along the border with “fentanyl interdiction” and “human trafficking enforcement.” Not, you’ll note, to seal the border or finish construction of President Trump’s effective wall.

And that’s the point—it’s another ruse by the far Left to improve optics, not fix the problems created by the Democrat Party, and Arizonans will suffer the consequences.

Earlier this month, Hobbs bragged that she’d allocated $5 million to halt the illegal immigrant flood into Arizona. Then a local group discovered that Hobbs’ Office of Refugee Resettlement …

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