Iraq is Still the Enemy

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I won’t rehash the twenty years of debates over the Iraq War except to say that the end result was that Iran controls Iraq.

Baghdad is essentially a puppet regime of Tehran. The Shiite majority have a death grip on political power and have used it to crush the Kurds and Sunnis. And the United States has, even post-withdrawal, spent a fortune on training and aiding an enemy military force.

That’s essentially the admission coming from the Prime Minister of Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani described US airstrikes on facilities used by Hezbollah as a “clear and hostile act” Tuesday after three American troops were wounded in a terrorist drone strike the previous day.

As expected, it wasn’t the attack, one in a long series on Americans, that was the hostile act, but the American response.

The United States conducted limited strikes on the Shiite Jihadists of Kataib Hezbollah by going …

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