‘Really Strange’: Some Voters Are ‘Unsatisfied’ With Kamala Harris, Wondering Where She Is Ahead Of 2024

Article originally appeared on dailycaller.com.

Some Americans are feeling “unsatisfied” with Vice President Kamala Harris going into the 2024 election, while others wonder what the elected official has been up to during her time in office, according to USA Today.

Throughout 2023, Harris headed the White House’s anti-Islamophobia task force and embarked on a tour of America’s colleges to tout different initiatives such as climate change, all while facing low favorability rankings. Despite Harris’ work in 2023, some Americans told USA Today they want the elected official to do more and have been left feeling unhappy with the initiatives she has taken on so far.

“I’m always wondering, why am I not hearing about her?” Julie Raino, a 66-year-old grief counselor in South Carolina, told the outlet. “The fact that I have to look for her is really strange.”

Harris and President Joe Biden have both struggled to gain popularity …

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