After 276,000 Illegal Aliens Invade in Dec, Biden to Mark ‘Human Trafficking Prevention Month’

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Fox watching the henhouse.

Why does Biden do this? Why does North Korea call itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? Ask a leftist what they stand for, invert it and you’ll know what they’re really for.

On that note…

President Biden proclaimed January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month on Friday — outraging critics who say he’s to blame for record-breaking levels of people-smuggling along the US-Mexico border, where monthly illegal crossings hit an all-time high this month.

Good news though, according to Biden’s press release, he “signed an updated National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking, outlining my Administration’s efforts to prevent trafficking.”

Plan’s working really well.

More than 276,000 asylum seekers hoping to cross the US-Mexico border had been encountered by US Customs and Border Protection agents in December, the highest number for a single month in history, according to the shocking preliminary data obtained by Fox News …

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