NYC and Chicago Aren’t Fighting Texas, They’re Fighting Migrants

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The mayors of Chicago and New York City have spent months acting as if Texas Gov. Abbott or Florida’s Gov. DeSantis busing migrants out is some sort of kidnapping or human trafficking. New York City and Chicago began cracking down on migrant buses while claiming that they’re happy to have the migrants, they’re just trying to make things better for everyone.

So the buses just started dropping off NYC bound migrants in Jersey.

Busloads of asylum seekers headed for the Big Apple are thwarting Mayor Eric Adams’ crackdown on arrivals by being dropped off in New Jersey and jumping on a train to reach their “final destination” — turning a family-friendly Garden State suburb into a migrant hub. “From what we understand, after being dropped at the train station the migrants then took trains to New York City,” Mayor Michael Gonnelli said in a statement. “It seems quite …

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