CO Supreme Court Shooting: The Facts Are Seriously Bad News for Trump Haters

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Some left-leaning news outlets just couldn’t help themselves.

They had to include former President Donald Trump in their coverage of a shooting incident that took place in downtown Denver during the very early morning hours Tuesday in the building that houses the Colorado Supreme Court.

That was the court that ruled two weeks ago that the state must remove Trump’s name from the 2024 presidential ballot.

The two things must be connected, right?

The only problem is that the Colorado State Patrol “confirmed a high probability” that the shooting had nothing to do with the ruling, CNN reported.

The facts already made public certainly support that conclusion.

First, the incident took place at around 1:15 a.m. Tuesday morning, not a time one is likely to find any justices in the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center, home to the Supreme Court among other agencies.

Second, …

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