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A leaked list of donors proves that the far-left group Media Matters for America is backed by numerous left-wing megadonors, despite the group claiming to be an independent media watchdog.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, while Media Matters is not required to disclose its donors due to its status as a “charity,” the group may have accidentally revealed its top five biggest donors in a public filing made with the New Mexico Attorney General’s office in November.

The report reveals that the group received $4 million from Debora Simon, an anti-Trump megadonor who made her fortune on an Indiana-based shopping mall company; Simon has donated at least $53 million to Democratic candidates and left-wing groups since 2018. Media Matters also received $1.75 million from Joshua Bekenstein, the co-chairman of Bain Capital, as well as his wife Anita.

The list further mentions the private foundation owned by Tim Gill, …

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