Biden Sending Millions Overseas To Address ‘Root Causes’ Of Illegal Immigration. It’s Not Working.

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The Biden administration has sent tens of millions of dollars to Latin American countries for programs that address “root causes” of illegal immigration, all as southern border crossings hit record highs.

The Biden administration has spent at least $40 million on immigration-related projects in Latin America in fiscal year 2023 that are ostensibly supposed to help bring down illegal immigration from the region, according to a Daily Wire review of foreign spending data.

The projects have been part of the Biden administration’s strategy to pump money into the region with the goal of decreasing illegal immigration. As Biden has sent money abroad, Republican lawmakers have urged more funding for security measures at the southern border. Critics also have pointed to Biden’s loose asylum policies and revocation of Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy as key reasons for the skyrocketing border crossings.

Ira Mehlman of the Federation for …

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