Black GOP lawmaker shuts down ‘enraged’ protester calling him ‘racist’ during pro-Trump speech

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Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-Texas, mixed it up with a heckler while campaigning for former President Trump in Iowa on Monday after the audience member began shouting at him and accusing Trump of being “racist.”

“Tonight, at the Timberline Caucus, as I spoke on behalf of President Trump an enraged man attempted to stop my speech,” Hunt posted on X on Monday night from Iowa. “He shouted Trump was ‘racist.’ You know, the same tired trope we’ve heard over and over again.

“But on this day, of all days, Martin Luther King Day, the people of Iowa, just like President Trump judge me not by the color of my skin but by the content of my character. The anti-Trump movement is in full blown meltdown.”

In the video of the exchange, an audience member can be heard interrupting Hunt and saying, “How can a Black man do this on Martin Luther King Day?”


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